There are a few free anti-virus programs out there that are fabulous, there are also many more that are not.  Here are some links to the ones we recommend.

Spyware can be a big problem if you like your computer to run at it's best.  You can have multiple anti-spyware programs installed at the same time, but if you don't actually open them up, update them, and run a scan periodically, they will not help you.  Set up a schedule to remind you to run them.  I usually open up a couple of them, update them both, then run a full scan and walk away. 

CCleaner is another great piece of software for cleaning up temp files and your registry.  It's also great for getting rid of things running in the background (startups).  If you remove something important however, your computer may not boot anymore, so use this feature with caution.  We won't be held responsible.

I hate annoying ads when I'm browsing the web. This little addon works great at blocking most of the junk that could popup.  It's also an addon to your web browser, so it would have to be installed for each browser you use.

If you find yourself clicking on bad webpage links. Web of Trust is a browser addon that warns you before you get into it to deep.

Windows 8,8.1 and 10 freeware program, makes the menu look like windows 7

(Classic Shell)


Remote Login Software