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Service is what we do! Not only do we sell parts of every kind but we install them too! contact us for more info.

Service Truck Rolls

Same day in home or in business service calls available

$79 (includes truck roll + first 1/2 half hour of labor). Each additional hourly $50 an hour, billed in quarter hour increments.


PC Diagnostic

-- We will boot up your computer or laptop and diagnose what issues your are experiencing. If we need to open your device up to check for hard drive errors or memory/ram problems we charge a nominal $45 for desktops and $65 for laptops that require disassembly. We always look for hidden issues that maybe hardware related, and we use our compressed air system to make sure there are no issues with dust in the CPU cooling system.

-- If it's something that isn't easily diagnosed, there could be a $65-$99 charge due to the fact that we ultimately fix the problem while diagnosing your computer.  If we determine that your computer needs extra help, we will ALWAYS call you and let you know what's going on.


Tuneup - Windows 7,8,10 $99

Tuneup - Windows XP or Vista $99

-- If your computer is running slowly, has random popups, or programs that you didn't install on it (fraudware), more than likely you need a tuneup.  We go through it and scan for viruses, spyware, and remove all the bad stuff that's slowing you down or keeping you from enjoying your computer.  This process takes about 24-72 hours to complete. If the tuneup fails to correct the issues we will call you with an option to do a clean install.


Clean Windows Install - (Win8,Win10)-$99 without data transfer/ $138 with data transfer up to 120 gb included.

Clean Windows Install - (xp & vista Win 7) $129 without data transfer. With data transfer up to 120 gb add $39

-- Sometimes just getting everything erased and Windows reinstalled is your best option. Your computer will run at its best with this procedure, and the minor inconvenience of having to reinstall all of your software that's not part of Windows isn't too terrible.  You did save all your purchased programs right?

-- Additional fee for over 120 gb of data $39 for each additional 120gb of data

****Please note: Clean OS installation will not transfer any existing programs not included in the the basic operating software: ie Quickbooks,Microsoft Office, Aol Desktop, or any other after market software. If you have the license and or software disc we will install up to 3 programs free of charge, we can not be held responsible for any missing programs if you choose to do a clean install. We strive to restore your computer back to its orginal condition. Please notify us of any software programs you wish to reinstall. If you use a pop3 email client software ie Outlook, Outlook express, or Thunderbird please let us know!


Data Transfer - $60

-- We can copy your data from your old computer to a shiny new one, or from any storage device to another.  We do limit our transfers to DVD to a maximum of two (about 9GB of data), otherwise you have to bring in something for us to transfer the data to. Up to 120 GB. additional fee for over 120 GB $39 for each additional 120 GB


Data Recovery - $80 up to 120GB

-- We can try to get your data off of a failing hard drive.  (Process includes hdd regenerator, use of data recovery software, and sector by sector scanning for lost files. We will transfer from a faulty drive to your new storage device. We charge $39 for each additional 120GB of data recovered. We always call if the data amount excedes the 120gb limit.  Be mindful it can take up to a week depending on how bad the drive is damaged.


Laptop Screen Replacement - 15" screen $155     17" screen $165 (including a standard LED replacement screen) (90 day labor warranty)

-- If your laptop uses a standard LED screen, we usually have those in stock and you can get your laptop back the same day or the next day if you bring it in too late.  If we have to order you a special screen, we'll ALWAYS call you with the cost of the new screen.  It takes about 3 business days to get a new screen replacement if we don't have what you need in stock.

Laptop D/C jack repair -  $105 (6 month labor warranty)

-- Sometimes the jack where you plug in your power cord into breaks or gets loose and needs to be replaced.  We stock many different jacks so you can be up and running within 24 hours.  If not, it takes about 3-4 days to get a new part in.

Custom Computer Build - $150-$200 (1 year warranty on labor)

-- If you would like us to custom build you a computer, our labor charge for that is $150 if you get your parts from us, or $200 if you bring in your own.  This includes putting everything together, installing Windows, drivers, updates, and anti-virus software.  We include a one year warranty on the hardware we supply.

Service right the 1st Time!

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