image News Article One 5/17/17
With the recent ransomware malware in the news it really pays to backup your data off site. We sell external 1Tb backup drives in store. We recommend setting up a
 backup schedule to keep your files safe. Ask one of our technicians how to set it up. Excellent article:
image News Article Two
With the power outages in the first part of April, we saw quite a few power supplies that burned out due to the on and off surges. The best way to prevent yourself from losing a power supply in your desktop machine is to install a UPC. We have them in the store and they only run $39.95, that beats paying $40 for a power supply and $25 to install it.
image News Article Three
We have been seeing a slough of failed hardrives in the past few months. Some of the tell-tell signs are sluggish or machines locking up. Sometimes it will give you a blue screen of death or in Windows 10 a pc repair screen will pop up. A good way to avoid losing your data is to back it up to an external harddrive. We have both seagate and western digital externals that have software built right in for automatic backups. Ask your sales associate for details.
image News Article Four
This year we are seeing a substantial increase in break-ins as well as increased items being lifted off of our store shelves. A really good way to prevent shoplifting or break-ins is to install a security system as well as security cameras. You would be suprised at how affordable it can be to have them installed